Tick Control – Spraying vs Granular Applications

There is more than one method to perform a tick control application on a property.  For this, we’re going to compare two of them: liquid tick spraying and granular applications.  There are also tick tubes, but we’ll discuss those in another post.

We prefer the liquid tick spray over the granular tick control application, and there’s a good reason for that.

Why?  Consider it this way…….think of a bowl of dry breakfast cereal and picture it as a pile of leaves (I chose to compare corn flakes to the leaves, as they look very similar in shape), imagine sugar as the granular product, and milk as the liquid tick control product.

It’s breakfast time and you’re making yourself a bowl of cereal.  You pour the cereal into the bowl.  When you add the sugar, what does it do?  Most of it just sits on top of the cereal, not really doing anything; very little of it makes its way down into the cereal.  What happens when you add the milk?  It saturates the cereal, not just in between each piece of cereal, but all the way to the bottom of the bowl. This is the same basic concept of how a tick spray works vs the granular application.

When you have a tick control application on your property, do you want a product that just sits there on top of the leaves, brush piles, pachysandra, mulch beds, etc. and has very little effect?  Or, do you want a product that gets down into all of those areas that the ticks are hiding and is more effective?  A tick spray is definitely the right approach to reduce the tick population on your property.

Protecting your Plants, Valuable.  Protecting your Family, Priceless!

Call us today to get your property on our tick control schedule.

For more information on tick control or any of our other services, visit our website  – http://www.deertickguard.com/

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