De-Icing Products and Your Lawn

Winter is coming to an end, which means warmer temperatures and melting snow.  The melting snow may reveal an unwelcome surprise: lawn damage from de-icing products. De-icers that have made their way onto your lawn can burn it, leaving brown patches bordering the street, driveway and walkways where the products are used.

What are de-icing products?  De-icing products are chemical agents, such as rock salt, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, which are used to melt snow and ice, making their removal much easier.

How do the de-icing products get onto the lawn?  They are applied to your lawn by town plows when they’re treating the roads, or by you when you’re applying the products to your driveway and walkway.  They’re also get onto the lawn by the plows when they push the salty snow onto your property, or by you when you snow blow or shovel the snow and throw it onto your lawn.

Can the damage be repaired?  The damage can be repaired, but the smaller amount of de-icers that are on the lawn, the less severe the damage will be. Unfortunately, you won’t know the extent of the damage until the lawns start greening up in the Spring.

Minor lawn damage will most likely recover on its own as the de-icers are flushed out by melting snow and spring rains.  In a severe case, the damaged areas may need to be raked out and reseeded.

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