Snow Mold

Deer & Tick Guard

What is Snow Mold?

Snow mold is a disease, which is caused by a fungus, and is active in the winter, typically underneath the snow.  It will become visible to you in the early spring as the snow melts.  It is often seen as circular patches of matted grass, which appears to be dead (don’t worry, your grass didn’t die over the winter).  It will often have webbing of gray or pink.  When the webbing isn’t present, you may instead see brown spots that can be slimy in appearance.

What are Some Causes of Snow Mold?

Although it is referred to as ‘Snow Mold’, snow does not always need to be present for Snow Mold to occur. It can also grow under leaves that were not raked and removed from your lawn, or under tall grass that was not mowed late enough into the Fall.  All of these types of…

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