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The Benefits of Pre-emergent Weed Control

Why use a  Pre-emergent weed control for your lawn? Many weeds that infest your lawn in the summer survive the winter months as seeds hidden in the top 1/2 inch of soil. Crabgrass is the most prevalent and famous of these invasives, but there are also many others such as Oxalis, bitter cress, spurge, and chickweed to name a few. These weed seeds begin to grow as soon as the ground warms and begin to emerge about the time the forsythia are done blooming.

Before this time, and before the weed seedlings emerge from the soil in the spring, an application of “Pre emergent” should be applied to stop these lawn destroyers before they have a chance to take hold. Applied correctly, this pre-emergent weed control barrier (thinner than a sheet of cellophane) stops newly emerging weeds from reaching the surface but does not hurt your existing lawn. If this barrier is put down too late it won’t be able to do its job as the weeds will already be “emerged” and starting their steady spread through your yard.

Weeds (crabgrass in particular) often out compete your lawn for sunshine, vital nutrients and moisture. This makes stopping them early in the season even more important and more effective than trying to kill them once they get established. There are several steps to a successful lawn care program, but none  as crucial or time-sensitive as this pre- emptive spring strike against your lawn’s weedy enemies.


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Dandelions Are Pretty…….But Not In Your Lawn

Dandelions, like some other perennial weeds, such as sweet violet, are pretty when they’re growing where you want them to.  This isn’t the case when they’ve taken root in the middle of your lawn.


What do we know about the dandelion?

  • The dandelion is photosensitive; its flower opens in the morning and closes at night.
  • Dandelions have the longest flowering season of any plant.
  • Dandelion is used as an ingredient in some wines and root beer.
  • The entire dandelion is edible.  They are high in Vitamins A, C and K, Calcium and Iron.
  • On a breezy day, dandelion seeds can be transported miles from where they originated.
  • The dandelion does not need to be pollinated to form seeds.
  • Dandelions are known for their herbal remedies.
  • The dandelion’s bright yellow color is used for making dye.
  • A good dandelion tea is used for its calming effects.
  • The dandelion can reach a height of up to 17 inches.
  • We can get rid of them for you with our weed control program.

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