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Oh ‘Deer’, the Plants Have Been Eaten!

Have you noticed the deer hanging around in your neighborhood?  Do you think they’re just there to visit?  Most likely they’re scoping out your beautiful landscape (all-you-can-eat buffet!) and deciding what looks like the most appetizing meal for them.  Do they choose those annuals and perennials that you planted for a pop of color?  Absolutely!  They also choose to eat those established trees and shrubs, which you’ve been growing for years and are expensive to replace.  A simple meal for the deer not only ruins years of work, but also the curb appeal that you are so proud of.

Sure, you can plant flowers, shrubs and other plants that are deer resistant, but that can hinder the overall look that you’d like to see in your landscape. (When no other food is available, they’ve been known to eat deer resistant plants.) You can also put up an expensive deer fence, but do you really want to look at that in your yard?  On rare occasions, we’ve seen deer get caught inside the deer fencing, leaving your landscape vulnerable to being eaten.

Having your trees, plants, and shrubs sprayed with our all-natural deer repellent can help prevent the devastation that the deer can cause.  That’s an important reason to spray, but it’s not the only one.

Ticks are carried onto your property by deer, in addition to the smaller animals who carry them, such as mice, squirrels and chipmunks.  Each deer carries an average of 200 or more ticks, so imagine how many of those can fall off into your landscape while the deer are grazing on your plants.  Spraying the landscape will help deter the deer from coming into your yard because they know there is no food for them there, which in turn will reduce the number of ticks being introduced to your property.  Changing the feeding patterns of the deer benefits not only your plants, but also your family.


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