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Snow Mold

What is Snow Mold?

Snow mold is a disease, which is caused by a fungus, and is active in the winter, typically underneath the snow.  It will become visible to you in the early spring as the snow melts.  It is often seen as circular patches of matted grass, which appears to be dead (don’t worry, your grass didn’t die over the winter).  It will often have webbing of gray or pink.  When the webbing isn’t present, you may instead see brown spots that can be slimy in appearance.

What are Some Causes of Snow Mold?

Although it is referred to as ‘Snow Mold’, snow does not always need to be present for Snow Mold to occur. It can also grow under leaves that were not raked and removed from your lawn, or under tall grass that was not mowed late enough into the Fall.  All of these types of ‘cover’ retain the moisture in the ground that allows for Snow Mold to grow.

What Can be Done to Prevent Snow Mold?

The best thing that you can do is to properly prepare your lawn for the Winter.

  • Mow your lawn into the Fall until it stops growing.
  • Make sure that your lawn’s final cut of the season is at a height of 2-3″.
  • Rake and remove all leaf debris from the lawn.
  • Have an aeration service, which will decrease thatch, allowing for air circulation.
  • Have a properly timed Fall fertilization service.

Always remember that a healthy lawn is less susceptible to disease.

What Can be Done to Repair Snow Mold?

The good news is that,  with regular mowing and fertilization, most of the time the areas of your lawn which have been affected by Snow Mold will recover on their own, it just takes some time. To speed up the recovery, the affected areas should be lightly raked, which will help the air to circulate and allow the grass to dry.  Do not rake vigorously as that can kill the grass.

In extreme cases, when all other methods of recovery have failed, your lawn may need to have an application of fungicide to stop the growth of the disease, and have the affected areas reseeded.

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What is Thatch?

Spring and Fall are the times of year that you may hear the word “Thatch” being used quite often in reference to your lawn  But what is thatch exactly?

Thatch is a layer of grass stems, roots, clippings, and other organic debris that settles on the ground and builds up faster than it is being broken down. It develops beneath the soil, so you cannot see it.  Some thatch (1/2″ or less) is good because it provides insulation from extreme temperatures and changes in soil conditions. Too much thatch can choke your lawn, preventing vital nutrients, water and oxygen from reaching your lawn’s root system; this leaves your lawn susceptible to disease, drought and lawn pests.

How can you breakdown thatch and relieve soil compaction?

You can have your lawn either Dethatched or have an Aeration service.

Lawn Dethatching, which is usually done in the Spring, can be either performed by hand raking, or by running a power raking machine over your lawn. The power raking machine has vertical blades that will cut into your lawn, breaking up the thatch, which can then be raked and removed.

An Aeration service, which is usually performed in the Fall, is the process of using a machine to pull 1/2″ wide ‘plugs’ of soil from the lawn. These plugs are typically 2.75″ deep and spaced about 6″ apart.  When combined with an over-seeding service, it gives the seed direct contact with the soil, which is ideal for germination.

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